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Why the November Election is No Longer Relevant

Posted by Jim Johnson on

Jim Johnson

Jim Johnson

One year ago I was convinced that a second term for President Obama was simply out of the question. Negative economic news rained down against a cacophony of right-wing talk radio vitriolic hate. It wasn't looking good for a second term.

And then something funny happened on the way to the White House; the right-wing managed to implode—simply, completely vaporize—and without much help from the demonized left.

Gradually a field of candidates emerged which more resembled the casting call for a National Lampoon movie rather than a serious field of contenders with the requisite gravitas and stability to be president. A group which has no (read zero here) chance of defeating an incumbent president and many of which in fact should completely embarrass serious conservatives.

Herman Cain? A man who perhaps knows how to make a mean pizza, but when interviewed could not recall either the location or the significance of Libya "cause you know I've got all these things twirling around in my head." (Forget the infidelity issues with right-wing "family values" candidates. Apparently, the Tea Party has.)

With very few exceptions, the remaining field has made ignorance cool and hypocrisy in vogue. Funded by quasi-visible Super-PACs and "think tanks" running low on inventory, the hard right has destroyed what was once a highly competitive and relevant political party.

Instead the GOP has been reduced to slivers of warring ideological factions which will never coalesce around one ill-fated candidate.

Presidential politics is a game played between the 40-yard lines— centrists win, extremists lose. The only candidate remotely close to a true centrist in the Republican field is Mitt Romney and he is so one-dimensional and ideologically invertebrate that his party will never unite behind him.

Even the issues which should matter to Republicans are not falling their way. The Dow Jones and NASDAQ are doing incredibly well, corporations are flush with cash, Bin Laden and Gaddafi are dead and the United States has not been attacked.

The November conclusion is now a mere fait accompli— the Republican Party is nine months away from getting hammered. President Obama will win a second term, not necessarily because he deserves it, but rather because an election will be held and a sea of fools will form the opposition.

Opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Andy Rapp, Q-TV, Delta College, or PBS.


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