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The Boston Marathon Bombing

Posted by Art Lewis on

Art Lewis

Art Lewis

I write this with a heavy heart, much the same as I felt after 9/11.

I had originally intended to write a piece on gun control, but then came Boston. Another senseless act of terrorism struck at the heart of America.

Yes, I used the word terrorism. What else would you call such an act? A bombing designed to cause mass destruction, injury and death, by any other name, is still terrorism. Whether domestic or foreign in nature, the result is the same.

Boston points out the one true weakness of our homeland security. We are not able to protect ourselves 100 percent of the time. There will always be people bent on bringing mayhem to an otherwise joyous occasion. And while we have stopped the majority of these attacks with good old fashioned police work, we can't stop them all.

The President said that following attacks like this we are first and foremost Americans, not Democrats and Republicans. He is right. However, just as after 9/11, we will drift back into the partisanship we have all come to accept as normal. Shame on us. Think of how much more could be accomplished if we used this tragedy to resolve to rise above the pettiness of politics.

I know I'm rambling, but that is how my mind works trying to process events such as Boston. They make no sense. Nothing is gained. Innocent people are caused unbelievable suffering for what?

My prayers go to the people killed and injured in this attack. As a native New Yorker I know the feeling of seeing your city attacked. The people of Boston need to know that we the people stand squarely behind them in their struggle to come to terms with this event in one of America's great cities.

G_d bless America.

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