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Occupy What?

Posted by Lee Trepanier on

Lee Trepanier

Lee Trepanier

What has happened to the Occupy Wall Street Movement? Just a couple of years ago, it was the national media darling for protest against corporate greed and class inequality in this country.

Since this, its alleged counterpart, the Tea Party, has ran candidates in two election cycles with currently 48 House members and 6 Senators. One could interpret these events as conservative ideas are more appealing in the country than progressive ones.

Perhaps what is more interesting is that both movements – Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party – are protesting against the same phenomenon: the centralization of power and authority and the lack of accountability and democratic openness in our society.

For Occupy Wall Street, it is corporations; for the Tea Party, it is the federal government.

In both cases, we have national institutions that appear to be disconnected from the people, which only bodes ill for our democratic way of life.

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