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Hype, Scandals & The NFL

Posted by Art Lewis on
Art Lewis

OK. I’ll admit that I’m not the brightest bulb in the lighting gallery. However, I do think I do a fair job at prioritizing my life.

So is it any wonder why I’m so confused after the most important event in the world, according to some, just took place this past Sunday? I speak, of course, of the “Super” Bowl. Please excuse my scowling under my breath.

Of all the important questions of the day, from local, state and national issues, to wars, terrorism and more, why, oh why, does “Deflategate” top the news?  Are we that screwed up in our priorities that we place sports and sports controversies at the top of the list to be followed and discussed ad-infinitum and ad-nauseum?  Please tell me I’m wrong.

Talk about being suckers for hype. We are drawn into believing that the championship American football game is the biggest event on earth. We must stop all that we are doing to sustain our lives so we can watch a game played by grown men whom act like babies for which they are paid millions.

Look, America, life will go on despite the deflation of footballs, games that rarely live up to the hype, blown calls and endless replays that could or could not change the outcome of the game, and commercials that are usually more entertaining than the game itself.

I say we all band together and send a message to the NFL and other professional sports that enough is enough. You are not the most important folks in the universe. Get your houses in order so that we don’t have to hear about drug use and other misdeeds perpetrated by your charges.

And, oh yes, is the football commissioner really worth $44 million a year? I rest my case.

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