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Viewer Mail for 10/10/16

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I'd like to point out that many Republican voters are not just know-nothing Trump supporters. I think a lot of people are either voting against Hillary or for Republican issues, and they are just tolerating Trump to do so.

They really believe Hillary is worse then Trump. Seems like they are making a deal with the devil to protect their conservative values and the joke is he isn't really a conservative; he's a knucklehead egotist that tells crowds what they want to hear so they'll cheer for him. 

Who knows what he'll do if he is actually in office? He doesn't know enough about public service to know there are no quick, easy answers to complex social, economic, and political problems.

The thing that surprises me about this crowd is how they vilify Hillary and minimize Trump's antics, even after the newly released tapes.

Examples: she is a murderer, she promotes abortion, she's been corrupting politics for 30 years, the entire system is rigged and she is part of it, etc. He's just not used to being politically correct, he didn't mean any harm by saying that, all guys talk like that in private, a businessman might help the economy, he'll reduce my taxes, etc.

My brother swears they've been brainwashed by internet propaganda, Tea Party sites, Fox News, Paul Harvey, etc.

-Anna in Bay City

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