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Viewer Mail - 11/28/16

Posted by Currently Speaking Viewers on

I just wanted to comment regarding a certain call you took on your most recent show. It was the one where the caller spoke of how he saw fellow union people being turned away from their roots and taking their lunch hours to listen to Rush Limbaugh in their cars and how it changed these people. That really struck home.

My mom was a loving, kind, funny Eisenhower Republican. We always teased each other about our different political bends. Then she started listening to Limbaugh and quoting him rabidly. Then one day while I was visiting from Michigan, she suddenly viciously turned on me for my political beliefs. We were watching a Phil Donahue show that had filmed a gay marriage. It was a horrific time and we both ended up yelling at each other, something we really never did before, and ended up in tears and great hurt. I felt so hated by her and it was so painful and shocking. We apologized by phone a few days later but the rip was there, I'm afraid, damage done.

I just wanted to tell my story and to echo what this man's great call did for me.

-Anne from Otisville


Donations to Politicians.

Here’s a Proposal for your TV panel to kick around-

I see in Sunday’s Flint Journal that over 1/3 of our Michigan legislators have ‘Hush Funds’, $ from non-profits (the Rich) they get secretly. i.e. big money buys our legislators (both parties). Thus, we have government of the $, by the $, for the $, not ordinary people.

My Proposal-

Require everyone & all organizations that give $1- to any politician (local, state or federal) to pay the IRS $1000-. That is, a $100- donation requires paying $100,000- to the IRS. Include lunches, entertainment, everything, no exceptions. And, accordingly, reduce the taxes of middle Americans. If the haves want to run the government, make them pay the taxes. Maby the first $100- could be tax free, but no more. No loop holes.

I’ll try to call in early in your program to discuss this with you.

p.s. I appreciate your program giving people an opportunity to be heard.

-Carl from Fenton


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