Shooting Begins for Vietnam Voices

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Director Bob Przybylski and the Q-TV crew have shot the first interviews forĀ Vietnam Voices.

J.T. Ramleis with director Bob Przybylski.

James "J.T." Ramelis served in a combat engineer unit in Vietnam from December 1970 to January 1972. After being honorably discharged, he joined Vietnam Veterans Against the War and, later, Veterans for Peace.

Joe Turner

Joe Turner was a college student during the Vietnam War who gave up his student deferment to become eligible for the draft. He talked to us about the morality of the war and life for young men in the climate of the draft.

John Brady

John Brady was a University of Michigan student who started as a strong supporter of the war, as "a legacy of WWII thinking." The Tet Offensive changed his mind and he joined the protest movement.

Larry Sova

Larry Sova served as a "grunt" in the Marine Corps in 1969. He fought against the North Vietnamese Army in the mountains just south of the demilitarized zone.