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Currently Speaking Host Andy Rapp to Retire at End of Year

Currently Speaking Host Andy Rapp to Retire at End of Year

After 17 1/2 years on the air, Q-TV's weekly call-in show will come to an end with the host's retirement in December.


Viewer Mail - 11/28/16

Posted by Currently Speaking Viewers on

Comments from a couple of Currently Speaking viewers.

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Marketing, Donald Trump & Rural America

Posted by Ralph Wirtz on

What I have been hearing from people, and I have talked to quite a few, who supported President-elect Donald Trump are two recurring themes: one group voted for Trump because there are three possible Supreme Court seats up for appointment during the next eight years, and the other group is saying that “now they have to listen to the little guy.”

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The United States of America

Last Updated by Jim Johnson on

Following the election last Tuesday, it is very difficult to respect what the United States of America has done to itself. As early statements and reactions from around the world suggest, there is little, if anything, to be proud of.

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Currently Speaking host Andy Rapp

Veteran journalist Andy Rapp has been hosting Currently Speaking since 1999.

Each week, he's joined live in the studio by journalists, academics, and experts. Along with viewers at home, they tackle the local, national, and global issues that matter most.