Episode 1

A class of children pose in front of a one-room schoolhouse.

One-Room Schoolhouses

There was a time when many Mid-Michigan students didn’t ride a bus or go to a school with separate classrooms. Decades ago, rural students attended one-room schoolhouses. We’ll hear from some of these students as well as their teachers.

Dr. Wilke Drake stands next to a cabinet full of surgical equipment.

Dr. Wilke Drake, a Country Doctor

The country doctor was a jack of all medical trades who could be called on to treat wounds, deliver babies, pull teeth, and even perform surgery. One such doctor was Wilke Drake, whose home and office in Breckenridge are preserved just as they were when he practiced in the first half of the 20th century.

Two young girls feed an adult bear as Spikehorn sits with a bear cub on his lap.

Spikehorn's Bear Den and Wildlife Park

Before the advent of four-lane highways, travelers drove down two-lane roads that passed through endless small towns. Many of these towns had roadside attractions including a quirky one just south of Harrison, Spikehorn’s Bear Den and Wildlife Park, where visitors could shake hands with a bear.

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1/7/20 - Terrorist Attacks; Marijuana Revenue; Education
The Follow Up

1/7/20 - Terrorist Attacks; Marijuana Revenue; Education

Guests Gary Loster (former Saginaw mayor) and J.J. Boehm (SVSU).

1/7/20 Aftershow with J.J. Boehm
The Follow Up

1/7/20 Aftershow with J.J. Boehm

We discuss the cost of college with J.J. Boehm.

Mexico Tour; Hispanic Veterans; John Ayala
Somos Hispanos

Mexico Tour; Hispanic Veterans; John Ayala

A trip to Mexico, Adam Gonzalez of the Saginaw VA.

Automotive Program; Animal Shelter Project; Holiday Concert
Dateline Delta

Automotive Program; Animal Shelter Project; Holiday Concert

Delta's automotive program, a student project that benefited a local animal shelter.

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Backyard Astronomer

1/13/20 - Mars Meets Its Rival

At the beginning of the week, Mars will be above a slightly brighter star called “Antares.”

Movie House

The Irishman

Here's an unpopular opinion: Martin Scorsese's latest gangster epic isn't that good.

Environment Report

1/10/20 - DNR Grants; Radon Action Month; Bottle Recycling

The Michigan DNR has recommended 21 parks, trails, and sporting facilities for grants. January is Radon Action Month in Michigan. Lawmakers have introduced bills to aid and expand

Q-90.1 FM Featured Stories

1/9/20 - Saginaw to Change Social Media Providers

Social media coverage for the city of Saginaw is changing hands.

A Moment In Time

Medieval Muslim Scholars, Pt. 1

The Medieval Islamic world witnessed one of the great flowerings of science and culture in human history.

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