Help Bring Doc Martin Season 8 to Q-TV

Tune in to Doc Martin Mondays at 9 and help bring another surly season to Q-TV.

Doc Martin Season 8

Martin Clunes stars as the grumpy Dr. Martin Ellingham in the award-winning British comedy Doc Martin. You can watch season 7 Mondays at 9 pm on Q-TV. We want to bring you season 8 as well, but we need your help.

Programs like Doc Martin, Red Green, and Keeping Up Appearances are costly for Q-TV to air. If you're a Doc Martin fan and want to ensure future seasons air on Q-TV, we need financial support from viewers like you.

You can support Doc Martin on Q-TV with a one-time donation or an ongoing monthly donation. If you make a contribution at one of the suggested levels, you can also receive a gift as our way of saying, "Thank you."

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