Presenting Q-TV World

A new channel joins the Q-TV lineup in February.

America ReFramed

America ReFramed

Devoted to telling stories that humanize complex issues, Q-TV World shares the best of public media in news, documentaries, and fact-based informational programming.

While airing news and documentaries from PBS, Q-TV World's focus is on its original content, offering a national platform to makers examining issues too often ignored by mainstream media. Q-TV World's emerging and master filmmakers spotlight a diversity of voices, telling stories not heard elsewhere.

Q-TV World's original series include America ReFramed for domestic long-form documentaries; Doc World for international long-form documentaries; Local, USA for short-form content on local issues of national importance; and Stories from the Stage, a multi-platform storytelling series.

Q-TV World also showcases films and programs from filmmakers, public media stations and partners that celebrate diverse cultures and highlight critical issues like education, healthcare, the environment and politics.

Q-TV World is coming to channel 19.2 on antenna, channel 195 on Spectrum, and channel 289 on Comcast. It replaces MHz Worldview, which is being discontinued by MHz Networks.

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Local Videos

2/4/20 - Iowa Caucuses, State of the Union, Impeachment Vote
The Follow Up

2/4/20 - Iowa Caucuses, State of the Union, Impeachment Vote

Guests David Jesuit (Central Michigan University) and Ryan Petersen (Delta College).

Chemical Process Technology; Place Making Project
Dateline Delta

Chemical Process Technology; Place Making Project

Explore the chemical process technology program; learn about Delta's place making project.

Mexico Tour; Hispanic Veterans; John Ayala
Somos Hispanos

Mexico Tour; Hispanic Veterans; John Ayala

A trip to Mexico, Adam Gonzalez of the Saginaw VA.

More Videos

Local Podcasts

Volunteer Voice

2/12/20 - Legacy Center

Kathryn Tate, the Legacy Center in Midland.

A Moment In Time

Painted Cousins: Dido Elizabeth Belle & Lady Elizabeth Mu...

Paintings of wealthy women weren't unusual in the late 18th century, but paintings of wealthy black women with their white cousins were.

Backyard Astronomer

2/10/20 - The Orion Nebula

With the Moon past full and moving into the post-midnight sky, now is the perfect opportunity to observe the Great Orion Nebula.

Q-90.1 FM Featured Stories

2/7/20 - 'Hateful Things' Exhibit Comes to SVSU

A traveling exhibit from the Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia has come to SVSU.

Movie House

Little Women

In this adaptation, Greta Gerwig made a film that's faithful to the classic, yet fresh and compelling.

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