Tuesday, May 26 | Q-TV Summer Pledge Drive

An aerial view of Mackinac Island.
Mackinac: Our Famous Island


Noon - Change Your Brain, Heal Your Mind with Daniel Amen, MD

Discover practical steps to help you feel happier, sharper, and more in control.

8 pm - Mackinac: Our Famous Island

Experience the natural beauty of the island and visit historic landmarks to reconnect to its earliest history.

9:30 pm - Magic Moments: The Best of '50s Pop

The McGuire Sisters, the Lennon Sisters, the Chordettes, the Four Aces, and more take the stage.

Q-TV Create

Noon - 5 Day Rapid Reset with Dr. Kellyann

Dr. Kellyann presents a plan to losing weight, gaining energy and reclaiming your joie de vivre.

2 pm - Food Fix with Mark Hyman, MD

Discover the power of food to reverse chronic disease, revive economies, and reform politics.

4 pm - Better Brain Solution with Steven Masley, MD

Dr. Masley shares ways to prevent disabling memory loss and diabetes.

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