Wednesday, June 3 | Q-TV Summer Pledge Drive

INXS performing.
INXS: Live, Baby, Live


Noon - Suze Orman's Ultimate Retirement Guide

The personal finance expert provides essential advice on planning for and thriving in retirement.

8 pm - Nat King Cole's Greatest Songs

Celebrate Cole's centennial with performances of "Unforgettable" and more hits.

9:30 pm - INXS: Live, Baby, Live

This 1991 concert captures the Australian rockers at their peak.

Q-TV World

10 am - Forever Painless with Miranda Esmonde-White

Experience a groundbreaking and eye-opening education on chronic pain and its causes.

7 pm - Africa's Great Civilizations: Origins

Discover the formation of early human societies and the creation of significant cultural and scientific achievements in Africa.

8 pm - Africa's Great Civilizations: The Cross and the Crescent

Chart the rise of Christianity and Islam, whose economic and cultural influence stretched from Egypt to Ethiopia.

Q-TV Create

Noon - Deepak Chopra: The Spiritual Laws of Success

Explore how understanding our true nature can lead to a sense of well-being and good health.

2 pm - Julia Child: Best Bites

Chefs and celebrities share personal insights as they screen Julia Child's most-beloved episodes.

3:30 pm - This Old House: 40th Anniversary Special

Join hosts and cast members to celebrate 40 years of groundbreaking home improvement.

5 pm - The Best of The Joy of Painting: Special Edition

Enjoy the painting techniques of Bob Ross as he creates a "Home in the Valley" painting.

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