Second Act: Life at 50+

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Currently Speaking

4/7/15 - Matt Taibbi Interview; Panel Episode

Author and Rolling Stone editor Matt Taibbi; plus Jim Johnson, Lee Trepainer, Amy French.

Somos Hispanos

El Chepe; Cynthia Estrada in Tres Vidas; Maria Hinojosa

A train tour of Mexico’s Copper Canyon; Cynthia Estrada in Tres Vidas; Maria Hinojosa.

Second Act

Dietary Supplements; Cultural Venues; Credit Unions

Cultural venues are work together. The pros and cons of over-the-counter supplements.

Currently Speaking

3-31-15 The After Show Online Peter Brian Barry

Our conversation with Peter Brian Barry continues

Dateline Delta

Kimberly Wells; Veronica Martin; Saginaw Art Museum

Kimberly Wells from the EMB program; Student Spotlight on Veronica Martin.

Latest Updates

National Memorial Day Concert

2015 National Memorial Day Concert

Live from the U.S. Capitol Sunday, May 24 at 8 pm.

American Experience

Last Days in Vietnam Preview

Efforts to evacuate South Vietnam during the fall of Saigon, coming April 28.


FIRST in Michigan Robotics State Championship

Watch the Qualifying Round.


Downton Abbey Season 6 to Be the Final Season

Read the official release and connect with other fans.