Second Act: Life at 50+

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downton_abbey_S5_screening.jpg Settling In - Coming In March

Local Videos

Currently Speaking

12/9/14 - Year-End Panel

Guests Jim Johnson, Sterling Johnson, Ryan Petersen, and Lee Trepanier.

Currently Speaking

Andy Rapp Video Blog

Andy Rapp closes out the year with a video blog.

Dateline Delta

Dr. Samuel Jones; Nursing; Delta College Authors

Composer/conductor/educator Dr. Samuel Jones; nursing faculty; Delta College authors.

Soul Issue

Jay Augustine; Isha Cogborn; Corey Pritchett

Minister and social justice advocate Jay Augustine; business coach Isha Cogborn.

Somos Hispanos

Raul Mosqueda; ? and the Mysterians

Dentist Raul Mosqueda, rock singer ?, chef Daniel Najera, bakery owner Hernan Hernandez.

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Q-90.1 FM Winter Pledge Drive

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Downton Abbey, Season 5

The cast and crew talk about the new season coming to Masterpiece Jan. 4 at 9 pm.

Settling In

Valerino & Larry Rodarte

A father and son tell their family's story.

FM Forum

Alfredo Corchado Talks About Cartels, 'Midnight in Mexico'

A discussion on crime, immigration, and other issues affecting both sides of the border.