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American Insurrection

In the aftermath of the assault on the U.S. Capitol, Frontline and ProPublica investigate the far-right groups behind recent threats and violence Tuesday at 10 pm.

My Grandparents' War

Follow leading Hollywood actors as they examine the impact of World War II on their families Sundays at 8 pm.


Atlantic Crossing

A princess steals the heart of the president of the United States in an epic drama based on the World War II relationship of Franklin Roosevelt and Norwegian Crown Princess Martha Sundays at 9 pm.

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Seaside Hotel

Seaside Hotel is a story about the guests and staff at a beach hotel by the North Sea. Watch Season 1 on Delta College Public Media.

BREACHED! The Tittabawassee River Disaster

Join Delta College Public Media as we visit the communities affected by this historic disaster and listen to the stories of the people who lived through it.

Michigan Learning Channel

Tune in to channel 19.5 for instructional content to support the education of students and to provide alternative resources for families and teachers.

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