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Programming on Delta College Public Media is made possible by contributions from viewers like you. Please take a moment to show your financial support.

TV Pledge Drive

TV Thank You Gifts

When you donate at one of the suggested levels, you can choose one of these gifts as our way of saying, "Thank you."

Delta College Public Media Accessories
Umbrella$96 or $8/month
Camper-Style Ceramic Mug $72 or $6/month
Insulated Tote Bag$60 or $5/month
Wireless Earbuds$60 or $5/month
Can Koozie$10
Delta College Public Media Apparel
Fleece Jacket*$120 or $10/month
Long Sleeve T-Shirt*$96 or $8/month
Short Sleeve Polo*$96 or $8/month
Fleece Headband$60 or $5/month
Fleece Scarf$60 or $5/month
Knit Hat$60 or $5/month

*Shirts and jackets available in sizes S-3XL. Please include your size in the comments section of the donation form.

3 Steps to Inner Wisdom
DVD, HBK, PBK, Oils, Card$240 or $20/month
DVD$72 or $6/month
Aging Backwards 4 with Miranda Esmonde-White
DVD, 4 -DVD Set, Calendar, Bonus TV Subscription, HBK $240 or $20/month
DVD, 4 -DVD Set, Calendar, Bonus TV Subscription $168 or $14/month
DVD $72 or $6/month
All Creatures Great & Small: Touring Dales
8 DVDs, PBK, Postcards, Bag$300 or $25/month
Season 4 (2-DVD Set)$120 or $10/month
Postcard Set$72 or $6/month
All Creatures Great & Small Season 4 & Finale
Season 4 (2-DVDs), 6 DVDs, Tankard, Tote$300 or $25/month
Season 4 (2-DVD Set)$120 or $10/month
Tankard$96 or $8/month
America: The Land We Live In
Medallion, Art Card, PBK, Tote$216 or $18/month
Medallion, Art Card, PBK$144 or $12/month
Medallion, America Art Card$72 or $6/month
American Pop Flashback
2CD, DVD$180 or $15/month
2-CD Set$120or $10/month
DVD$120 or $10/month
America's Home Cooking: Easy Recipes for Thrifty Cooking
4 PBK$180 or $15/month
2 PBK$120 or $10/month
PBK$96 or $8/month
America's Home Cooking: Gadgets & Gizmos
4 PBK$180 or $15/month
2 PBK$120 or $10/month
PBK$96 or $8/month
Ancient Remedies with Dr. Josh Axe
Master Package$180 or $15/month
DVD$60 or $5/month
Armenia, My Home
DVD, Ornament$180 or $15/month
Ornament$144 or $12/month
DVD$72 or $6/month
The B-52 and Oscoda: The Making of Wurtsmith AFB
DVD$84 or $7/month
Bee Gees In Our Own Time
HBK, 2-CDs$180 or $15/month
HBK$120 or $10/month
CD$72 or $6/month
The Big Band Years
4 CD set & DVD$252 or $21/month
4 CD set$150 or $12.50/month
DVD$120 or $10/month
Buddy Guy: True to the Blues
Combo: CD, PBK, Miniature Guitar Replica$240 or $20/month
Miniature Guitar Replica$144 or $12/month
When I Left Home - My Story Paperback Book$96 or $8/month
The Blues is Alive and Well CD$72 or $6/month
Carole King & James Taylor: Just Call Out My Name
DVD, 2 CDs$216 or $18/month
2 LP Set$180 or $15/month
CD/DVD$120 or $10/month
Celtic Woman 20th Anniversary Concert
CD, DVD, Necklace, Postcards$180 or $15/month
Connemara Marble Harp Necklace$144 or $12/month
DVD$96 or $8/month
CD$72 or $6/month
Charley Crockett Live
2 CD, Cap$180 or $15/month
LP$120 or $10/month
CD$72 or $6/month
The Collagen Diet with Dr. Josh Axe
Master Package$180 or $15/month
DVD$60 or $5/month
Chic featuring Nile Rodgers
3 CDs$180 or $15/month
Best of Chic 2 CD$96 or $8/month
Dance, Dance, Dance & Other Hits CD$96 or $8/month
Concert for George
2-CD/2-DVD$240 or $20/month
2-CD Set$120 or $10/month
Culture Club: Live at Wembley
CD/DVD, Greatest Hits CD, Karma HBK$216 or $18/month
Splatter VNL$144 or $12/month
CD/DVD$72 or $6/month
Detroit: City of Hot Rods & Muscle Cars
Combo - Book, DVD, Restored to Glory DVD$120 or $10/month
Cruisin Woodward PBK$96 or $8/month
DVD$72 or $6/month
Easy Yoga for Arthritis with Peggy Cappy
10-DVD Set$144 or $12/month
Easy Yoga: The Secret to Strength and Balance
10-DVD Set$144 or $12/month
Eat to Sleep
2 DVDs, PBK, Magnet, Tea$180 or $15/month
DVD$72 or $6/month
Elvis Presley: '68 Comeback
40th Anniversary Edition 4-CD's, DVD, Mini Guitar, HBK$240 or $20/month
CD, Mug$144 or $12/month
Song Title Mug$96 or $8/month
Everly Brothers: Harmonies from Heaven
2-CD Set, 2-DVD Set$180 or $15/month
2-CD Set$120 or $10/month
2-DVD Set$120 or $10/month
Farewell Doc Martin
Complete Series (26-DVD Set)$480 or $40/month
Series 10 (3-DVD Set)$180 or $15/month
Doc & Buddy Mug$96 or $8/month
Finance for the People with Paco De Leon
PBK, Planner, Reflection Deck, Booklet$216 or $18/month
Weekly Time Journal$144 or $12/month
PBK$96 or $8/month
Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert
2 DVDs, 3 CDs, Funko Pop!$240 or $20/month
Funko Pop! Freddie Mercury King$120 or $10/month
Rock Montreal & Live Aid 2-DVD Set$120 or $10/month
The Platinum Collection 3-CD Set$120 or $10/month
From the Heart: Tribute to Lawrence Welk
2-CD Set, DVD, Socks, PBK$240 or $20/month
DVD$120 or $10/month
2-CD Set$96 or $8/month
Socks$72 or $6/month
4 DVDs, Gospel Tote, 2 CDs$240 or $20/month
Tote$120 or $10/month
2-DVD Set$84 or $7/month
Gregg Allman Live
(2) 2-CD Sets$180 or $15/month
Gregg Allman At Fillmore East Deluxe Edition 2-CD Set$120 or $10/month
Gregg Allman Stand Back The Anthology 2-CD Set$96 or $8/month
Gut Check: HOPE for Ultimate Health
DVD, 4 Bonus DVDs, Recipe Book, 2-PBK, Membership$240 or $20/month
DVD$72 or $6/month
The Highwaymen Live
American Outlaws 3-CD/DVD Set$216 or $18/month
Electric Blue Vinyl LP$144 or $12/month
2 CDs$144 or $12/month
CD$72 or $6/month
Il Divo XX Live from Taipei
DVD/CD, CD, Mug$180 or $15/month
Silver Vinyl LP$120 or $10/month
DVD/CD$72 or $6/month
Irish Dance Steps of Freedom
Combo DVD, PBK, 2-DVD Set$216 or $18/month
DVD$120 or $10/month
PBK$96 or $8/month
Italy Made with Love: Generations
Scarpelli Mosaic Pendant & Necklace$240 or $20/month
Leather Credit Card Holder$180 or $15/month
Fresco Replica Painting$96 or $8/month
Joe Bonamassa Live at the Hollywood Bowl
CD/Blu-ray, CD, Bona-Buttons$120 or $10/month
CD/DVD, CD, Bona-Buttons$120 or $10/month
CD/Blu-ray$96 or $8/month
CD/DVD$96 or $8/month
CD$60 or $5/month
John Denver's Rocky Mountain High
Combo - CD, Mug, Cap, LP$180 or $15/month
Mug$96 or $8/month
Cap$96 or $8/month
2-CD Set$72 or $6/month
Johnny Mathis: Wonderful
DVD, 2 CDs$180 or $15/month
DVD$120 or $10/month
CD$72 or $6/month
Ken Burns: America's Storyteller
American Heroes Collection: Civil War, The War, & Vietnam War (22 DVDs) $300 or $25/month
American Heritage Collection: Baseball, Country Music, & National Parks (25 DVDs)$300 or $25/month
Country Music 8-DVD set $180 or $15/month
The Roosevelts 7-DVD set $96 or $8/month
Ken Burns: The Civil War
The Address, 6-DVDs, 2 PBKs$300 or $25/month
A Film by Ken Burns Anniv Ed (6-DVD Set)$180 or $15/month
The Address: A Film by Ken Burns$84 or $7/month
The Keto Diet with Dr. Josh Axe
Master Package$180 or $15/month
DVD$60 or $5/month
Lawrence Welk: God Bless America
DVD$120 or $10/month
2-CD Set$75 or $6.25/month
Living Wild: Plant-Spiration
2 HBK, Propagation Station$240 or $20/month
HBK$120 or $10/month
Glass Propagation Plant Station$84 or $7/month
The Maestro & The European Pop Orchestra
2 CDs, Speaker$180 or $15/month
2 CDs$120 or $10/month
Concert CD$72 or $6/month
Marcus King: Live in Nashville
2 CDs, Beanie$180 or $15/month
CD, Beanie$120 or $10/month
CD$72 or $6/month
Memory Makeover with Daniel Amen, MD
Master Package$240 or $20/month
DVD$72 or $6/month
Michigan Out of Doors
Autographed Ball Cap$60 or $5/month
Michigan: An American Portrait
Under the Radar Michigan: Yet Another 50 Book$96 or $8/month
Michigan Bucket List Adventure Guide Book$72 or $6/month
Nature: Patrick and the Whale
DVD, HBK, Tote, Socks$240 or $20/month
HBK$120 or $10/month
DVD$72 or $6/month
Neil Diamond: Thank You Australia
DVD, 3-CD, Mug$216 or $18/month
3-CD Set$144 or $12/month
DVD$72 or $6/month
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band: 50 Years and Circlin Back
CD & DVD$144 or $12/month
DVD$96 or $8/month
CD$72 or $6/month
Peter Frampton at Royal Albert Hall
CD/DVD, Tote, PBK $180 or $15/month
Autographed Autobiography, PBK$120 or $10/month
CD/DVD $120 or $10/month
Woke Up with a Wine Glass Tote Bag$96 or $8/month
Prince and the Revolution
Vinyl LP set, Symbol Tambourine$240 or $20/month
Vinyl LP set, Photo book$144 or $12/month
Prince Symbol Tambourine$144 or $12/month
CD set, Blu-ray, Photo book$120 or $10/month
Purple Rain Tote$72 or $6/month
Rick Steves European Easter
2 PBK books, 22 DVDs, CD, Newsletter$240 or $20/month
2 PBK books, 5 DVDs, CD, Newsletter$120 or $10/month
PBK book, 4 DVDs, Newsletter$60 or $5/month
Rick Steves Mighty Alps
4 DVD, 2 PBK, MAP, Newsletter$180 or $15/month
4 DVD, PBK, Newsletter$96 or $8/month
Ricky Martin: Live Black & White Tour
2 CDs, Retro Speaker$180 or $15/month
2 CDs$120 or $10/month
CD$72 or $6/month
Roy Orbison Forever
CDs, DVDs$240 or $20/month
DVD$120 or $10/month
CD$96 or $8/month
Supercharge Your Brain
Learning Collection$240 or $20/month
DVD$72 or $6/month
Suze Orman's Ultimate Retirement Guide
Combo$252 or $21/month
DVD$72 or $6/month
Tom Lehrer Live in Copenhagen
DVD, CD/DVD Set$120 or $10/month
DVD$84 or $7/month
Washington Week
Constitution of the United States (pocket size)$60 or $5/month
World of Wisdom & Wonder
DVD, 7-CD Set, Trainer Card (email required)$240 or $20/month
DVD, 7-CD Set$120 or $10/month
DVD$84 or $7/month
You, Happier with Daniel Amen, MD
Master Package$240 or $20/month
DVD$72 or $6/month
Young Forever with Mark Hyman, MD
Master Package$240 or $20/month
DVD$60 or $5/month
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