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Somos Hispanos

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Somos Hispanos is Delta College Public Media's series about Hispanic people: how they live, the issues they face day to day, and the positive work they do to make a difference in the community. ​​

Hosted by Christiana Malacara, the series highlights people, culture, and events that help promote positive images of the Hispanic community.

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Christiana Malacara began her academic journey at Delta College before moving  to Kalamazoo to pursue her higher education at Western Michigan University. Her dedication and commitment to her studies culminated in a successful graduation, marking the completion of an important chapter in her life.

Having experienced life beyond her hometown, Christiana eventually felt the pull of her roots, back to the Great Lakes Bay region. Returning to Saginaw, she brings with her a wealth of knowledge, experiences, and a renewed passion for contributing to her community.

During her time in Kalamazoo, Christiana orchestrated art exhibits that showcased not only her work but also the works of others. Through her studio her exhibitions became cultural to the cultural makeup, attracting attention from clients, organizations, and nonprofits alike.

In her current role as a radio news reporter for Alpha Media at  WSGW, Christiana has transitioned from the visual arts to the world of journalism. Her compelling storytelling and insightful reporting bring a fresh perspective to local news. Simultaneously, she contributes her writing talents to publications, both local and statewide, solidifying her presence as a versatile and influential voice in the media landscape.

Christiana passion for community development, fostering a growth mindset, and advocating for marginalized segments of society. As the Chairwoman for LLEAD Saginaw, she plays a pivotal role in shaping the educational landscape of the community. 

Her leadership extends to a board position of MI ALMA, a statewide organization where her advocacy for inclusivity and empowerment finds a platform. Through her involvement in the YPN  and service on the Steering Committee at the Saginaw Chamber of Commerce, Christiana actively contributes to the growth and professional development of the younger demographic in the community.

She envisions a community where every individual, regardless of background, has access to opportunities for growth and learning. Through her roles and affiliations, Christiana strives to create a more inclusive and equitable society.