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Jack Pine Enduro: Cow Bell Classic

A man rides a motorcycle through a stream with spectators behind him.

Experience Michigan’s Jack Pine, an off-road enduro motorcycle race run since 1923. This historic event pits rider and machine against the clock, charging through the woods and trails to meet checkpoints within the allotted time. Too fast, you lose points. Too slow, you lose points.



Delta College Public Media 19.1
Thursday, May 28:30 pm
Friday, May 3Noon
Sunday, May 57:00 pm
Tuesday, May 78:00 pm
Friday, May 104:00 pm
Saturday, May 114:30 pm
Saturday, June 14:30 pm
Monday, June 38:00 pm
Delta World 19.2
Saturday, May 45:00 pm
Delta Create 19.3
Sunday, May 55:00 pm