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6/17/24 - The Sea of Rains

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Backyard Astronomer

Even to the unaided eye, the moon reveals round dark regions called "maria." Before the age of telescopes, people imagined these dark stretches as oceans of water. In reality, they are vast lava plains left behind by asteroid impacts.

Beyond Broadway

Gretchen Shope (Extended Interview)

An interview with Gretchen Shope, a recent graduate of Dow High School and 2024 Jimmy Award winner.

Movie House

City of Angels (1998)

When you have two stars with awards, box office draw, and talent to burn, what project do you make with them? In this case, they remade a German art film about an angel falling in love with a human.

Movie House

Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954)

Many of the Universal monster movies are worth revisiting and talking about and my favorite is the last original movie in their classic lineup, Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Backyard Astronomer

7/15/24 - The Moon’s Southern Seas

Now is a good time to see the dark round plains called “maria,” and bright splashes of lighter material called “rays.”