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8/8/22 - Does The Moon Rotate?

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Backyard Astronomer

Since one side of the moon always faces the earth, it's often assumed that means the moon doesn't rotate. But that's not really the case.

Backyard Astronomer

10/2/23 - The W of Cassiopeia

When evening twilight ends, look high in the northeast for a group of bright stars that resembles a big “W” sitting on its end. This is the constellation of Cassiopeia the Queen.

The Follow Up

Recreational Marijuana In Michigan – 9/26/23

It’s been almost five years since Michigan voters approved use of recreational marijuana. Has it been a cash cow to the state’s economy? And what impact has it had on our youth?

Dateline Delta

Start of a New Schoolyear; Free Busing Program

Dr. Gavin's speech at the start of the schoolyear, free bus program with Saginaw STARS, green spaces on campus, and more.


Gus Garcia

Despite its importance to civil rights, the case of Hernandez vs. Texas has been largely forgotten by the American public. The participants have fallen into obscurity, with the possible exception of lawyer Gus Garcia.