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10/14/22 - LED Bulbs; MI State Building Energy Reduction; OktoberForest
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Environment Report

Almost half of all U.S. households are now using LED bulbs. Michigan has committed to reducing energy use in state buildings. Thumb Brewery is among those participating in OktoberForest.

Dateline Delta

2023 Commencements; Camp Health and Wellness

Awards and ceremonies for our graduating students and a preview of the upcoming Camp Health and Wellness.

Backyard Astronomer

6/5/23 - The Northern Crown

During the month of June, about 90 minutes after sunset, look high in the east, almost overhead for a faint semi-circular pattern of stars. This is the constellation of Corona Borealis, the Northern Crown.

Movie House

A Face in the Crowd

As politicians and the 24-hour news cycle prepare for the next presidential election, one terribly underappreciated movie keeps coming to mind - 1957's A Face in the Crowd.

Backyard Astronomer

5/29/23 - Vega in the East

At the end of evening twilight, look about halfway up the northeast sky for a bright bluish star. This is Vega, and it’s another sign that summer is on its way.