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10/22/21 - Exterior Firewood Quarantine; Community Solar Impact
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Environment Report

The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development is taking public comment on an exterior firewood quarantine. An MSU study examines the potential impact of community solar. The U.S. Coast Guard has selected Lake Superior Statue University as the hub for Great Lakes Expertise.

Backyard Astronomer

6/27/22 - The Summer Triangle

As evening twilight fades into night, look for three bright stars high in the east that form a giant triangle in the sky. Each belongs to its own constellation, but the triangle is a great way to “star hop” to areas of interest.

Movie House

The Worst Person In the World

I recently caught up with the critically-beloved 2021 Norwegian film "The Worst Person In the World."

Our Universe

All About Telescopes

To take a closer look at the wonderous nature of the night sky, you may have considered getting a telescope at some point. Today, we look at different telescope types and a couple potential ways to see deeper into the universe.