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10/22/21 - Exterior Firewood Quarantine; Community Solar Impact
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Environment Report

The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development is taking public comment on an exterior firewood quarantine. An MSU study examines the potential impact of community solar. The U.S. Coast Guard has selected Lake Superior Statue University as the hub for Great Lakes Expertise.

Backyard Astronomer

12/6/21 - Venus-Saturn-Jupiter

For the next two weeks, you’ll get to enjoy a beautiful alignment of three planets in the southwest during evening twilight.

Backyard Astronomer

11/29/21 - The Eye of the Fish

About 90 minutes after sunset, look low in the south for a medium bright star called Fomalhaut. It should be relatively easy to spot because it’s in an area devoid of other bright stars.

Backyard Astronomer

11/22/21 - Seven Sisters Return

Look low the east after dark and you should see a pretty little cluster of stars. Its shape might remind you of a miniature little dipper, but it’s actually the famous Pleiades Star Cluster.