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10/28/22 - State Public Land Review; Weatherization Program
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Environment Report

Bay, Gladwin, and Midland are among the counties in a state public land review. You can save on heating costs this winter through a state weatherization program. A federal research lab is sharing highlights from monitoring the Great Lakes this year.

Emerging Voices

Saginaw Valley Rail Trail | MI Finds

Brett Russel explores the Saginaw Valley Rail Trail.


Trota of Salerno

If you google "first woman doctor," you will probably be directed to somebody from the 19th century, but today's story goes back to 12th century Italy.

Backyard Astronomer

3/20/23 - The Crab and the Beehive

While you may know Cancer the Crab as one of the constellations of the zodiac, chances are you’ve never seen it because it’s the faintest of the twelve.

Environment Report

3/17/23 - Learn About the Lake Huron LAMP

A Lakewide Action and Management Plan for Lake Huron is out. Did you lose power during recent winter storms? The Michigan Public Service Commission wants to hear about it.

The Follow Up

3/14/23 Aftershow - Housing Assistance Cuts

We talk with Julie Cassidy about cuts to housing assistance as pandemic assistance comes to an end.

The Follow Up

3/14/23 - Repealing Right to Work; Governmental Qualified Immunity; Food Assistance Cuts

Michigan Democrats are working to repeal Right to Work, governmental qualified immunity is protecting officials from liability for the Oxford school shooting, and food assistance dollars from the pandemic are drying up. Gary Loster and Julie Cassidy join us.