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10/28/22 - State Public Land Review; Weatherization Program
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Environment Report

Bay, Gladwin, and Midland are among the counties in a state public land review. You can save on heating costs this winter through a state weatherization program. A federal research lab is sharing highlights from monitoring the Great Lakes this year.

The Follow Up

11/22/22 - Possible Recession; Safe Syringes

University of Michigan-Flint economics professor Chris Douglas and Lori Ziolkowski from Families Against Narcotics join us.

The Follow Up

11/22/22 Aftershow - Finding Help for Addiction

Lori Ziolkowski from Families Against Narcotics joins us to talk about how people can find help battling addiction.

Backyard Astronomer

11/21/22 - Buying a Telescope

The holidays are one of the most popular times of year for buying a telescope. So what's the best one to look for?

Second Act: Life at 50+

Applying for Social Security; Holiday Shopping Safety

When to apply for Social Security, tips for shopping for the holidays safely in person and online, and Chippewa Nature Center volunteer Randy Wyse in our Salute to Seniors.

Dateline Delta

Sonography Program; Apprenticeships

We visit the sonography program, learn about apprenticeships, see how Delta College prepared students for the recent election.