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4/17/20 - Fishing Questions; HOMES Schooling; Great Lakes Funding
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Environment Report

The Michigan DNR is answering questions on fishing. The Alliance for the Great Lakes is hosting a "HOMES Schooling" program. The EPA is using $20 million to further address problems affecting the Great Lakes.

Second Act

Home Care Services (non-medical)

Home care services, buying a bike, humane society volunteer, "cardio" and balance exercise.

Dateline Delta

Cruise-In Commencements; Student Awards

Cruise-in Commencements, Graduate Students Award, Dr. Jean Goodnow retirement interview.

Backyard Astronomer

6/7/21 - The Northern Crown

During the month of June, about 90 minutes after sunset, look high in the east, almost overhead for a faint semi-circular pattern of stars. This is the constellation of Corona Borealis, the Northern Crown.