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10/29/19 - Social Media Influence; School Security
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Host Mike Redford with guests Peter Rose-Barry and Tom Mynsberge.

Social media and foreign influence on our political system; clashes between Gov. Whitmer and the GOP legislature over the state budget; new ideas for school security. Guests Peter Rose-Barry (Saginaw Valley State University), Tom Mynsberge (Critical Incident Management).

Backyard Astronomer

7/27/20 - A Good Week for Lunar Observing

We begin the week of July 27 with the moon at First Quarter, which looks half illuminated in the south after sunset. That sets the stage for an excellent week of lunar observing.

Q-90.1 FM Features

7/27/20 - Concert Venues Advocate for Relief Funding

Michigan concert venues are making a push for dedicated funds to help those whose livelihoods previously depended on concerts.

Q-90.1 Fm Features

7/21/20 - Black Lives Matter Protests Continue in Bay City

Demonstrations against racial inequity and police brutality continued Monday in downtown Bay City. Delta College Public Radio’s Adam Gac has more.