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11/19/19 - Impeachment; Pete Buttigieg; Maijuana Licensing
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Wayne Kinne

Are the impeachment hearings changing public opinion and what effect will they have on the 2020 election? Plus, Pete Buttigieg's sudden rise in the Iowa polls and when we'll see shops selling legal marijuana in the state. Guests David Jesuit (Central Michigan University) and Wayne Kinne (Michigan Marijuana Licensing Experts).

Second Act

Home Care Services (non-medical)

Home care services, buying a bike, humane society volunteer, "cardio" and balance exercise.

Dateline Delta

Cruise-In Commencements; Student Awards

Cruise-in Commencements, Graduate Students Award, Dr. Jean Goodnow retirement interview.

Backyard Astronomer

6/7/21 - The Northern Crown

During the month of June, about 90 minutes after sunset, look high in the east, almost overhead for a faint semi-circular pattern of stars. This is the constellation of Corona Borealis, the Northern Crown.