11/5/19 - Impeachment Inquiry; Raise the Age; Redistricting
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Gary Loster and Carol Heron.

Should President Trump address the nation regarding the Ukraine phone call and should the whistleblower’s testimony be public? Plus, “raise the age” legislation aimed at giving juvenile offenders tried as adults a second chance and how you could apply to be a member of the state’s redistricting commission. Guests Gary Loster (former Saginaw mayor) and Carol Heron (Voters Not Politicians).

Backyard Astronomer

5/25/20 - Mercury at Its Prime

Only three or four times a year, you have a chance to find Mercury close to the western horizon at dusk or near the eastern horizon at dawn.

Environment Report

5/22/20 - Flood Assessment; Invasive Crayfish

Bay County is gathering damage assessment information on flooding from the May 18 storm. An invasive crayfish that can reproduce by cloning is now a prohibited species in Michigan.

Q-90.1 Features

5/21/20 - Little Forks Conservancy Assesses Flood Damage

Andrea Foster from the Little Forks Conservancy talks about assessing damage from the Midland County floods.