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3/28/23 - Bay City Bridges

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Mike Redford and guests.

We speak with Dana Muscott and Lynn Pavlawk about the upcoming toll system for two Bay City bridges.

Backyard Astronomer

12/4/23 - The Eye of the Fish

About 90 minutes after sunset, look low in the south for the medium bright star, Fomalhaut. It should be relatively easy to spot because it’s in an area devoid of other bright stars.

Environment Report

Carbon-Free Energy by 2040, Native Seeds, Bats

Michigan will require utility providers to be carbon-free by 2040, landscape enhancement and restoration efforts are underway at area nature reserves, and learn about building bat houses.

Dateline Delta

Health Simulation Lab and James Webb Telescope Speaker

A Dia de los Muertos celebration on campus, Dr. Gregory Wirth talks about the creation of NASA’s James Webb Telescope, health simulation labs help medical students get hands-on training, and more.


The Treaty of Saginaw

Today's story takes us back to 1819 and the negotiation of a treaty between the Native inhabitants of what is now Saginaw, Michigan, and the U.S. government.