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The Treaty of Saginaw

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Today's story takes us back to 1819 and the negotiation of a treaty between the Native inhabitants of what is now Saginaw, Michigan, and the U.S. government.

Dateline Delta

African Art, Delta Semiconductor Experience

An African artifacts installation on campus, the Delta Semiconductor Experience, health fitness specialist degrees, and more.



The origins of the Juneteenth celebration and how June 19 became a federal holiday in 2021.

The Follow Up

Michigan's Early Voting Laws

Michigan's presidential primary has already begun thanks to new early voting laws. Two country clerks tell us what you need to know about the changes.

Backyard Astronomer

2/26/24 - The Winter Triangle

Sirius, Procyon, and Betelgeuse form a giant triangle in the southern sky known as the Winter Triangle. And like Orion’s Belt, it can make for an excellent pointer and guidepost to the winter night sky.