11/20/19 - Holidays in the Heart of the City
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Delta College Q-90.1 FM

Music, lights, fireworks, and a visit from the Big Man himself. Q-90.1’s Jonathan Dent has a report on Holidays in the Heart of the City from this week’s Saginaw City Council meeting.

Environment Report

5/29/20 - St. Helena Island Lighthouse; Your Local Outdoors

A historic lighthouse in northern Michigan will be preserved. There’s a new mapping tool for outdoor recreation. Gypsy moth caterpillars hatched earlier this month.

Q-90.1 Features

5/26/20 - Roller Derby Wear Maker Tells Her Flood Story

Emily Rewerts put her experience making roller derby wear to use making masks. Then the Midland floods forced her to move her operation to higher ground in a hurry.

Backyard Astronomer

5/25/20 - Mercury at Its Prime

Only three or four times a year, you have a chance to find Mercury close to the western horizon at dusk or near the eastern horizon at dawn.