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Backstage Explorer - Dr. Nola Knouse
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Rod Bieber interviews Dr. Nola Knouse about Moravian Church music.

Backyard Astronomer

12/6/21 - Venus-Saturn-Jupiter

For the next two weeks, you’ll get to enjoy a beautiful alignment of three planets in the southwest during evening twilight.

Backyard Astronomer

11/29/21 - The Eye of the Fish

About 90 minutes after sunset, look low in the south for a medium bright star called Fomalhaut. It should be relatively easy to spot because it’s in an area devoid of other bright stars.

Backyard Astronomer

11/22/21 - Seven Sisters Return

Look low the east after dark and you should see a pretty little cluster of stars. Its shape might remind you of a miniature little dipper, but it’s actually the famous Pleiades Star Cluster.