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Backstage Explorer - Dr. Nola Knouse

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Delta College Q-90.1 FM.

Rod Bieber interviews Dr. Nola Knouse about Moravian Church music.

Somos Hispanos

Brandon Loran Maxwell, American Homeboy

Director Brandon Loran Maxwell’s film “American Homeboy” explores the complex origins of pachuco and cholo culture. We sat down with him when he recently.

Backyard Astronomer

6/17/24 - The Sea of Rains

Even to the unaided eye, the moon reveals round dark regions called "maria." Before the age of telescopes, people imagined these dark stretches as oceans of water. In reality, they are vast lava plains left behind by asteroid impacts.

Environment Report

6/14/24 - BeachGuard System, Tawas Lake Day

A way to check beach monitoring information online, June 29 is Tawas Lake Day, and Michigan officials are seeking proposals for a green maritime strategy.

Second Act: Life at 50+

Mid-Michigan Children's Museum

We conclude our "Places to Take Your Grandkids" series at the Mid-Michigan Children's Museum in Saginaw, Michigan.