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Applying for Social Security; Holiday Shopping Safety
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Social Security - When should I apply for my benefits?

When to apply for Social Security, tips for shopping for the holidays safely in person and online, and Chippewa Nature Center volunteer Randy Wyse in our Salute to Seniors.

Environment Report

1/27/23 - Lake Huron Coast Preservation; Soot Crackdown

Three Lake Huron coast properties are now permanently protected, the EPA is cracking down on soot, and Consumers Energy rates are rising, but so are solar and electric vehicle programs.

The Follow Up

1/24/23 - School Choice

We focus on education and the highly politicized issue of school choice with Dan Quisenberry and Mike van Beek.

Our Universe

If Earth Had Two Suns

Earth orbits the Sun in the habitable zone – a place where liquid water can exist in great quantities on our surface. But how would things change if Earth revolved around two suns, and do we know of any real-life planets that orbit more than one star?


Socrates - The Trial of Socrates by I. F. Stone

How could the famously enlightened city of Athens execute one of its most outstanding citizens? A reporter covers a trial held 2,400 years ago in this book.


Union Rock

The labor movement has had a huge impact on our society, but it is rare that it literally puts itself on the map. However, in North Wales the maps show a feature of the natural landscape named for the labor movement: Craig yr Undeb – Union Rock.

Backyard Astronomer

1/23/23 - Comet ZTF

You might have heard that there's a big green comet coming our way. But how bright is it really going to get?