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Home Care Services (non-medical)
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This show features a look at home care (non-medical) services for people in a home setting & assisted addition, you will get Information on what to look for when buying a bike...You will meet a Midland County Humane Society volunteer and In our "Let's Keep Moving" segment we discuss "Cardio and Balance" exercises with Chuck Kusick.

Backyard Astronomer

7/26/21 - Cygnus the Swan

The northernmost star in the Summer Triangle marks the tail of Cygnus the Swan, also known as the Northern Cross.

Second Act

Home Care Services (non-medical)

Home care services, buying a bike, humane society volunteer, "cardio" and balance exercise.

Dateline Delta

Cruise-In Commencements; Student Awards

Cruise-in Commencements, Graduate Students Award, Dr. Jean Goodnow retirement interview.