Pain Management; Hurley Medical Center; Census
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A man holds his shoulder in pain as a doctor examines it.
Pain Management; Hurley Medical Center; Census

We examine pain management and alternatives to medication for treatment, meet a volunteer at the Hurley Medical Center in Flint, and find out why it's important for you to be counted in this year's census.

Backyard Astronomer

5/25/20 - Mercury at Its Prime

Only three or four times a year, you have a chance to find Mercury close to the western horizon at dusk or near the eastern horizon at dawn.

Environment Report

5/22/20 - Flood Assessment; Invasive Crayfish

Bay County is gathering damage assessment information on flooding from the May 18 storm. An invasive crayfish that can reproduce by cloning is now a prohibited species in Michigan.

Q-90.1 Features

5/21/20 - Little Forks Conservancy Assesses Flood Damage

Andrea Foster from the Little Forks Conservancy talks about assessing damage from the Midland County floods.