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Support Michigan Out of Doors on Delta College Public Media

Michigan Out of Doors hosts Jenny Olsen and Jimmy Gretzinger in the woods.
Hosts Jenny Olsen and Jimmy Gretzinger

Jimmy Gretzinger joins us live in the studio for an hour of Michigan Out of Doors Thursday, Dec. 2 at 8 pm as part of our Holiday Pledge Drive. Tune in and see how you can help support Michigan Out of Doors on Delta College Public Media.

This year, we are asking 200 Michigan Out of Doors fans to step up and contribute $20 or more. But from now until November, if 50 viewers contribute $20 or more to Michigan Out of Doors, we will keep the program at its regular time slot during our next pledge drive.

Once 200 fans have contributed $20 towards Michigan Out of Doors this program we remain on Thursdays at 8 pm during all pledge drives until July 2022. To keep it uninterrupted during the September pledge drive, just make a financial contribution of $20. 

Make your contribution now or call 1-877-472-7677. And then, tune in each week and we’ll update you on the progress, or you can track the progress on our Facebook page as well as see special offers available for contributing towards Michigan Out of Doors.


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