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Programming on Delta College Public Media is made possible by contributions from viewers like you. Please take a moment to show your financial support.

TV Pledge Drive

Delta College Public Radio May Pledge Drive

Delta College Public Radio brings you fact-based reporting, local voices, and diverse styles of music. Please support this critical public service.

Special Ticket Offer

The Wallflowers

Saturday, August 12 at 8 pm at the Midland Center for the Arts, Midland. Delta College Public Media has tickets to see the Grammy-winning band known for "One Headlight" and "6th Avenue Heartache." Tickets: $50.

Thank You Gifts

When you donate at one of the suggested donation levels, you can receive one of these gifts as our way of saying, "Thank you."

Delta College Public Media insulated tote and camper mug.
Insulated Tote and Camper Mug

Delta College Public Media

  • Day Sponsorship. $200
  • Umbrella. $96 or $8/month
  • Camper Mug. $72 or $6/month
  • Bluetooth Speaker. $72 or $6/month
  • Earbuds. $60 or $5/month
  • Insulated Tote Bag. $60 or $5/month
  • Can Koozie 4-Pack. $35
  • Can Koozie. $10
Delta College Public Media fleece jacket.
Fleece Jacket

Delta College Public Media Apparel

Shirts and jackets are available in sizes S-3XL. Please include the size in the comment section of the pledge form.

  • Fleece Jacket. $120 or $10/month
  • Long-Sleeve T-Shirt. $96 or $8/month
  • Polo Shirt. $96 or $8/month
  • Knit Hat. $60 or $5/month
  • Fleece Headband. $60 or $5/month
  • Fleece Scarf. $60 or $5/month
I Heart Public Radio Tumbler
I ♥ Heart Public Radio Tumbler


  • Socks. $96 or $8/month
  • Set of 2 Pint Glasses. $72 or $6/month
  • 18 oz. Tumbler w/Handle. $72 or $6/month
New York Times Cooking

New York Times Cooking

  • 2 Digital Subscriptions. $120
  • 1 Digital Subscription. $96
Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast

  • Chromecast/Passport Combo. $10/month
PC Jazz Hour Mug

PC Jazz Hour

  • Mug & Book. $108 or $9/month
  • Mug. $72 or $6/month
  • Book. $60 or $5/month
Tejano Music Can Koozie

Tejano Music

  • Can Koozie 4-Pack. $35
  • Can Koozie. $10

Challenge Grant Sponsors

Financial Plus Credit Union
United Bay Community Credit Union
Molina Healthcare
United Financial Credit Union
Team One Credit Union