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The Sound Ops Live II

Delta College Public Radio presents The Sound-Ops Live II. Sunday, June 23rd at Bemo's. 2 pm - 8 pm.

Hey, music fans!  You’re invited to enjoy an afternoon of great live music from local artists Sunday, June 23 at 2 pm at Bemo's in Bay City. Join Mid-Michigan Sound Operative host Cameron Dutcher for the 2nd annual Sound Ops Live! Admission is free and everyone is invited!

This Year's Lineup:

  • 2 pm - Suckle Honey
  • 3 pm - Source of Light & Power
  • 4 pm - Michelle O’Neil
  • 5 pm - Loren Kranz
  • 6 pm - Vlad’s Skeletal Circus
  • 7 pm – Lori and the Darlings