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Delta College Public Media September Pledge Drive

Rita Coolidge and Daniel O'Donnell

Join us for concerts and specials starting Tuesday, Sept. 7 and show your support for Delta College Public Media by making a financial contribution.

Tuesday, Sept. 7

Under the Radar Michigan, Longevity Paradox, Aging Backwards 2, and more.

Wednesday, Sept. 8

Country Pop Legends, Discovering Your Warrior Spirit, The Collagen Diet, and more.

Thursday, Sept. 9

Sawdust & Shanty Boys, Dolly Parton, The Keto Diet, and more.

Friday, Sept. 10

Mary Chapin Carpenter, Mackinac Island, Change Your Brain, and more.

Saturday, Sept. 11

This Land Is Your Land, Sawdust & Shanty Boys, Deepak Chopra, and more.

Sunday, Sept. 12

Dutch Hop, Pasquale Esposito, Ancient Remedies, and more.

Monday, Sept. 13

Daniel O'Donnell, Rick Steves, Build a Better Memory, and more.

Tuesday, Sept. 14

Liza Minnelli, Doo Wop to Pop Rock, Under the Radar Michigan, and more.

Wednesday, Sept. 15

Dolly Parton, Dutch Hop, Ancient Remedies, and more.

Thursday, Sept. 16

Alan Jackson, This Land Is Your Land, Dutch Hop, and more.

Friday, Sept. 17

Suze Orman, Pink Floyd, Longevity Paradox, and more.

Saturday, Sept. 18

Lawrence Welk, Dolly Parton, Ed Slott, and more.

Sunday, Sept. 19

Doo wop, Liza Minnelli, Rick Steves, and more.

Friday, Sept. 24

Red, White & Rock; Eat Your Medicine; Lea Salonga; and more.

Saturday, Sept. 25

It's What's Happening, Baby; Best of the '60s; Il Volo; and more.

Sunday, Sept. 26

Celtic Woman, Rick Steves, Sawdust & Shanty Boys, and more.