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Delta College Public Media Holiday Pledge Drive

Frank Sinatra

Join us for concerts and specials starting Friday, Nov. 26 and show your support for Delta College Public Media by making a financial contribution.

Friday, November 26

Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra, ABBA, Wicked In Concert, and more.

Saturday, November 27

Heart, Andy Williams, Andrea Bocelli, and more.

Sunday, November 28

Celtic Woman; Red, White & Rock; Queen; The Tenors; and more.

Monday, November 29

Andy Williams, ABBA, Frontline, The Longevity Paradox, and more.

Tuesday, November 30

This Land Is Your Land, Celebrating PBS NewsHour, Pink Floyd, and more.

Wednesday, December 1

Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra, Mannheim Steamroller, Ella Fitzgerald, and more.

Thursday, December 2

Michigan Out of Doors, Alan Jackson, Celtic Woman, and more.

Friday, December 3

Suze Orman, Mick Fleetwood, Rick Steves, Pain Secrets, Sarah Brightman, and more.

Saturday, December 4

Lawrence Welk, It's What's Happening Baby, Fleetwood Mac, and more.

Sunday, December 5

The Carpenters, Monty Python, Ken Burns, and more.

Monday, December 6

Sarah Brightman, The Bee Gees, Ken Burns, and more.

Tuesday, December 7

Country Pop Legends, Country Music Live, Dr. Josh Axe, and more.

Wednesday, December 8

Celtic Woman, Alabama, Bob Ross, and more.

Thursday, December 9

Ken Burns, Burt Bacharach, Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra, and more.

Friday, December 10

The Carpenters, Doo Wop to Pop Rock, Ken Burns, Longevity Paradox, and more.

Saturday, December 11

Country Pop Legends, The Big Band Years, Rick Steves, and more.

Sunday, December 12

Doo Wop to Pop Rock, Sarah Brightman, Nature, and more.

Holiday Specials

Enjoy these Christmas concerts and specials from Frank Sinatra, Sarah Brightman, Rick Steves, and more.